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P R I V A T E  E S T A T E  M A N A G E M E N T


We are Proactive!

We take pride in being a Proactive Private Estate Management company. Your home and its surroundings are important to us as this makes you feel proud of where you live. 

Our experience and research into other property management companies has led us to be focussed in areas which we know are important to you;

  • Customer Care

  • Standards of work

  • Detailed schedules

  • Frequencies for all works

  • Clear accounting

  • Fair pricing

  • High levels of communication

With combined experience of customer service, health and safety, management, maintenance and industry knowledge we know we have the best team that understands our customers' needs, enabling us to successfully deliver the requirements of your estate.


Why Choose Proactive?

Organised & Efficient

We have detailed policies, processes and procedures in place to ensure the timely management of your estate is to the highest standard.

Flexible & Committed

We are available by telephone and email throughout all normal working hours and periodically at weekends, to successfully deliver the services you require.

Understanding & Considerate

We appreciate the needs of each estate will differ and we will liaise with you to create a tailored schedule of works. Any works carried out shall be completed with minimal disruption.